Printable Times Table Origami Fortune Teller

Printable Times Table Origami Fortune Teller


Multiplication – times tables Origami fortune teller.

My son is 8 years old and has just started learning the times tables at school! We have a chart up on the wall but it hasn’t helped much, SO I came up with this idea of using the Origami fortune teller fold to try and teach him his time tables! So far we are having much more success with these than any other method we’ve tried! I’ve created a fortune teller for each multiplication from 2 – 12. The answers are hidden behind the folds so that they don’t see the answer and cheat! (hence the reason the chart on the wall isn’t helping!) You can play it anyway you like but this is how we do it:

To begin, select a colour or sum for your child to work out. Counting in multiples of whichever table they are on, move the fortune teller the correct amount (answer to the sum) and then select the next multiplication.

If your child does not know the answer they can look inside the folds. The aim of the game is to keep getting the sums correct (without having to look inside for the answer) and keep moving until all 12 are memorised.



As always, just download, edit and print!

(See detailed instructions HERE)



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