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About printables

A printable download is a digital file (usually a pdf but can also be a jpeg) that you can download instantly, open up at home on your own computer and print!  (Print using your usual method of printing; home printer, online printer or your mother’s uncle’s next door neighbour!)

An editable printable is a design that has allowed for customization. In the PDF there will be “text areas” already created for you to simply click and type with all the formatting/design sorted. You also have the option of further customization by changing the editable text size, colour or font.

Because – 

A) it’s WAY cheaper! While still beautifully designed, we don’t have to pass on any production and shipping costs to you, and

B) many of these are customisable/editable. Meaning that you can personalise the party decor/invitations etc. to your liking.

AND(!!) as it has a DIY element, it is super fun to create, you can get family involved and the end result is so much more rewarding.

You need to download Adobe Reader. It’s free and super easy-to-use software that’s already installed on most computers. Importantly, you will need to have the latest version. Download it for free here.

Next option would then be to print them at your local printers if you need them same day. Just make sure they have the latest version of Adobe Reader as well. Our printer often runs out of ink and when it does I use online printer services which usually offer next day delivery and are super cheap!

A pair of scissors and a stick of glue! (A cutter and a metal ruler if you want to be fancy.) All our designs have easy-to-follow instructions annotated on the side of the design, often with photography how- to visuals for you follow. Our Party Pack bundles have a very detailed instruction READ ME document included in the download.

Apart from the above, a clear surface, some cool tunes and maybe a little helper if you have children aged 4 and up?

Absolutely!! If my children can follow these instructions so can you. They are so easy to follow and so much fun! If you’re stuck, give us a shout and we will help where we can!

We are over the moon you love your new Collete & Co® product… but please do NOT share your purchased product downloads. The links won’t work anyway. Instead, tell them they can get a little gift by signing up to our newsletter HERE.

About your order

As we sell digital based products, we don’t offer a return policy on downloadable products. Click here if you would like to read more.

Oh dear! That’s not good… well whatever you got instead is now yours on the house and we will send you a link to the correct purchased product, no problem! (Just let us know, and apologies in advance if that happens!)

Lucky for you (and us), that can’t happen with digital products! BUT there could be a technical glitch with the editable fields on your purchase… just let us know and we will send you a new link!

YAY! Every new purchase makes us super happy!!


Soon as your order goes through you should end up on a confirmation page that includes a link to your download. (Don’t panic if you closed this window, you will also get a confirmation order email that also contains that link to your download. Make sure you check your SPAM folder if you haven’t received the email.)


Click on the link and download your printable.

Reach out to use via email or on one of our social platforms and we will be happy to assist!

Absolutely! You’re speaking to a resourceful mother and I encourage you to get as much out of the product as possible. So if your Dino-fan loves his party posters so much, frame them and put them up in his room. OR you have 2 daughters and they both want the same Unicorn theme – you only need to purchase it once. As long as it is you (and only you) who is reusing the product you’re good to go!

If you have a special event coming up and need a particular theme get in touch –

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Printables Step 2 infographic Collette and Co
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