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Kids Rockstar Party Collette and Co 4


Wow, Collette and Co’s first blog post, no pressure haha! I can’t actually believe I’m typing this as I’ve been dreaming about this moment for so long! Because I am a little sentimental, (make that a lot) I thought I would start this blog journey with Jackson, my eldest son’s first birthday party back in 2010!

Are you as excited about planning your little one’s rockstar party as I was? Probably, right?

I remember Jackson’s first birthday like it was yesterday, it is such a big milestone… to say I was excited about planning his first birthday party would be a huge understatement. I wanted it to be special and was determined to find a way to make our family in South Africa feel included. I decided on a rock-star theme inspired by my musical husband, who at the time was playing loads of gigs out in London. We decided the party would be “Jackson’s First Gig” as it was his first ever birthday party! The date was set and rock star party invitations were sent out to all our VIP guests, including backstage passes!

Kids Rockstar Party Collette and Co 2

With the invitations out the way, I could relax and enjoy the planning! (My absolute favourite part of hosting a party) I created rockstar party decor with party posters announcing the time of gig and special appearance from our family abroad joining in via Skype for the birthday singalong. (This was way before the days of Zoom and virtual group meet-ups! We actually had to have multiple computers to connect everyone!!)

Kids Rockstar Party Collette and Co 1

Party food was inspired by the food you’d typically get at a gig; mini hamburgers and hot dogs etc. which looked soooo cute with the rockstar food flags! My favourite party decor was definitely the rock star birthday bunting, which included photographs of Jackson’s first year on the back, making it really special and also fun for our guests. It was a special day celebrating Jackson’s birthday surrounded by his first year’s memories with our close friends and family.

The party was such a hit… and everyone loved the party decor! Did I mention I made a guitar cake? I still dream of that cake. (it was a chocolate beetroot cake) Everyone loved the rockstar theme as it was a little different and the children loved their rockstar party favors, a personalised kids music CD and cute musical instruments.

If you like the idea of photo bunting, here are some DIY steps to follow to make your own, it’s super easy!


Step 1: Decide what shape and size you want your bunting to be.

Step 2:  Draw your shape including an extra bit at the top for a flap. (this flap will fold over string or ribbon to create your bunting.) Once you’re happy with it, cut out the shape to create your stencil  that will create your flags.

Step 3: Print a selection of your favourite photographs, ensure they are slightly bigger than your stencil.

Step 4: Place your stencil over your photographs and draw a soft line so you know where to cut. You can do this on the reverse if you don’t want to see any lines, however, I prefer to do it the right way up so I can see my photograph through the stencil. This allows me to choose my crop and I cut just inside the lines so you wan’t see them on your bunting.

Step 5: Fold over the top flaps to create a crease and arrange your bunting in the correct order on a work-top surface. Once you’re happy with the order, turn each flag to face down, so you can’t see the photograph, but keep it in the same order. Place your ribbon/string along the top of the backs of the flags and fold the flaps over the string and tape them closed. (Careful when you pick up your bunting – they can all slide off the one end of the ribbon! Also, ensure you have taped all flags shut before picking them up.)

Brilliant, you’re all set to hang up your gorgeous photography bunting!

That’s all from me today!

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