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How to edit a PDF file in Adobe Reader Collette and Co7


Editing a printable PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader is super easy! If you’ve just purchased one of my products (whoop whoop!!) or have already got your own printable design (boo!! don’t worry I still love you…) and need to figure out how to edit the pdf with editable text fields, let me talk you through! Steps 4-6 take you through the printing and assembly process after you’ve edited your pdf in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

How to edit a PDF file in Adobe Reader Collette and Co1

STEP 1: First you need your editable PDF! So, download your new purchase if you haven’t already and then download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat – don’t panic – it’s FREE!!! YAY!!

How to edit a PDF file in Adobe Reader Collette and Co2

STEP 2: Soon as you’ve downloaded and installed Adobe Reader, it’s time to open up your editable PDF. At a glance you will notice light blue blocks of colour all over your design… this is a good thing, and don’t worry they won’t show up on your prints! These are your editable text fields, wherever you see a transparent blue block, this will be an area that can be customized. Go ahead and click on one of the editable text fields, type in your details, so in the example shown here, it would be ‘name’ and ‘party details’.

When editing printable PDF’S you have the option of changing your font, size of the font, and the colour! This is really handy if for example, your child has a very long name and it doesn’t fit in the area at the current size OR, you have a good eye for design and would like to improve on the design. To bring up the editing panel hold down CTRL + E (Windows) and CMD + E (Mac) and the panel should appear at the top. It’s a long skinny panel so keep a lookout in case you miss it! You will then see all the areas that you can change and edit.

How to edit a PDF file in Adobe Reader Collette and Co4

STEP 3: Once you have added in all the necessary, relevant information in your editable pdf, hit SAVE. If you are doing multiple copies, which is very common when using party printable invitations, SAVE AS. You can decide how you want to save your files – you might choose to add the names in the extension or simply number them as you go. Once you’ve completed this step, you have successfully edited your PDF. (See? Easy peasy!)

How to edit a PDF file in Adobe Reader Collette and Co3

STEP 4: By this stage, you will have already successfully edited your pdf using Adobe Reader…but now what? Surely you want to print your new printable and see it in action!! Get the printer ready and send those pdfs… don’t panic if you don’t have a home printer, there are so many printing solutions these days. Take a quick look online and choose an online printer that has speedy delivery and great prices… OR search for a local printer near you. (Alternatively, you could be cheeky and get grandpa to print them for you!)

How to edit a PDF file in Adobe Reader Collette and Co5

STEP 5: The best part… assembly time! Not all printables need this stage, ie planners etc. BUT many printables have a DIY phase of the project and it’s the best part because it’s when you see your editable printables turn into little creations! Get your kids or friends involved… if you’re working at a table, with the right tools and have the instructions to hand (provided with your product) it should all be straightforward and enjoyable.

How to edit a PDF file in Adobe Reader Collette and Co6

STEP 6: OK so perhaps step 6 is better than step 5… seeing your printable come to life and fulfil its purpose is so wonderful. If you’re handing out invitations like the one shown in this diagram (oh, by the way, its one of our products!!!) enjoy the smiles on everyone’s faces as you hand them out! If you’ve just printed some chore charts… enjoy the result of a nice clean organised home.

That’s it from me today! I hope this little infographic helps you edit your new printable PDF!

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